Our Laminates pass some of the industry’s most rigorous quality tests before becoming a part of your home or business, a Shyam Laminates product is put through rigorous heat resistance, fracture resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance tests in an ISI-certified laboratory with specialized Q&A machines.

Overlay / Tissue Paper

We use specialized translucent paper that is covered with aluminum oxide and a proprietary resin mixture to protect the laminate’s top surface from scratches, impacts, abrasion, spills, and other external agents.

Decor Papers

Top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind, and highly detailed design paper are responsible for our eye-catching designs. To protect the product’s color fastness from UV rays, specialised inks with a bluewool grade of 6+ are used in the printing process.

Barrier Paper

A protective layer that prevents any darkening induced by the Kraft paper core from affecting the depth and clarity of the design paper after pressing.


Kraft Papers

A mix of highly treated Kraft sheets and a range of resin mixes that give the product strength, balance, stability, improved sanding, adherence, and lifespan. The laminate is protected from cracking and fracture by the core, which has been treated under controlled conditions.


‘Quality OK’ would be an understatement when it comes to Shyam Laminates products. We test a product until we are confident that it is more than adequate. It has to be fantastic. It has to be long-lasting. We developed our company on the foundation of quality. And it’s the foundation of all products Shyam Laminates have to offer.